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Your Birth Chart & Karma

Your Birth Chart & Karma

Karma theory defines our life. Karma is purposeful, it is an ongoing lesson.

What happens to a person is characteristic of him. He presents a pattern and all the pieces fit. One by one, as his life proceeds, they fall into place according to some preordained design. – Carl G. Jung.

The above statement very well talks about the law of cause and effect which in other words can be described as “What goes around, comes around”. What has been put into effect at some time in the past has an outcome in the present or in the future. And the very term being used for this phenomenon is “Karma”.

Karma is much more complex than it is understood by many. Karma actually shows where balance is needed. It does not simply restrict from actions and events. It incorporates attitudes, thoughts, and desires, embedded reactions that have become a habit and that need to be matured. What you desire today becomes your apparent fate tomorrow.

Karma is neutral, neither “good” nor “bad”. It’s effects though may sometimes be experienced as “bad karma”. You are persistently setting karma in motion, just as you are constantly reaping your past karma. Karma is active now, not just in your past. What you set in motion today will have consequences. These consequences may become evident in five minutes time, in a week, in a year or two, or in another lifetime altogether. If you understand the workings of karma, you can set positive, constructive karma in motion as you fulfill your highest potential and master your karmic lessons.

To understand this lets look at a farmer who sowed some seeds. They sprouted and now flowers have come to them. His life is filled with the fragrance of these flowers and because of this fragrance now he is in a different world. This fragrance has given him a new birth, and now he is no longer that which is seen by ordinary eyes.

His past actions has now taken him into a new world of fulfillment and the karmic wheel is moving along as always. And to have the positive and constructive karma in motion, whatsoever he has found and known – is eager to flow, just as the mountain waterfalls and springs flow and rush towards the ocean. When the clouds are full of water they have to shower. And when the flowers are filled with fragrance they have to give off their fragrance freely to the winds. And when a lamp is lit, the light is bound to radiate from it.

Something like this has happened and the winds are carrying away some seeds of revolution from this farmer. He has no idea in what fields they will land and who will tend them. He only knows that it is from seeds like these that he has attained the flowers of life, immortality, and the divine. And in whatever field they land, the very soil there will turn into the flowers of immortality.

Similar to this farmer, we all immortal souls should also understand the workings of karma and shall distribute the flowers of life, the divine, and spread the fragrance.

The planetary placements and aspects in our birth chart ascertain our karma. Everything in the chart can be manifested constructively or destructively. Karma is purposeful, concerned with growth and evolution, rather than punishment; it is an ongoing lesson. Therefore, understanding your birth chart from the karmic point of view will help you to understand why you are here and what you hope to achieve.

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