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hear it from our students across 110+ countries.

Your text material, video lectures, follow-up quiz and case studies are interesting, practical and hands-on.  I am enjoying the learning. From now onwards by salutations to good self will be “Guruji”. Thank You Sir.

Punugu Ashok

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Exactly what I needed. So far, I am enjoying the course and still learning the theory part. Looking forward to the practical aspect of reading the actual horoscope 🙂

Pooja Juneja


Excellent Course! So much of details in foundation level course. Trainer’s knowledge and way of teaching is just perfect for anyone to learn this subject.

I am loving this course.

Nagesh Goyal


This is a master course which is well-prepared and delivered. Aman carefully and thoroughly guides learners through the highly precise Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology. The fundamentals of signs, houses, planets, and planetary periods are completely discussed along with appropriate astral remedies. Aman methodically demonstrates the simple rules of chart analysis showing how to simply determine the strengths and weaknesses of a horoscope chart without the confusion and doubt. There are plenty of case studies to clearly illustrate astrological principles in action. The written resources are exceptional in their breadth and depth of the material. As a practitioner and teacher of this approach I enjoyed and appreciated the knowledge I saw in this course and enthusiastically recommend it to the serious student of Vedic astrology. If you wish to confidently and accurately analyze charts this course gives everything needed.

Shayn Smith, Ph.D. Jyotish Kovid Jyotish Visharad

Shayn Smith


मुझे ज्योतिष में अभिरुचि मेरे विद्यार्थी जीवन से रही है। हालांकि यह मेरा व्यवसाय नहीं है और न ही मेरे व्यवसाय का हिस्सा ही है। मैंने इस से पहले किताबों को पढ़कर ही सीखा था। मैंने ज्योतिष भूषण भी किया है । तभी मुझे एक दिन फेसबुक पर श्री अमन सर् का सिस्टेम एप्रोच पर एक विज्ञापन दिखा। तभी मेरे ज्ञानपिपासु मन में इस विद्या को भी अमन सर् से सीखने की इच्छा हुयी और तुरंत फी का भुगतान कर इस कोर्स का पंजीयन कराया । मुझे याद है एक बजे रात्रि में ही सर् ने मुझे कोर्स का एक्ससेस देदिया। यकीन मानिए, मैंने केवल एक सप्ताह में ही पुरे वीडियो को देख गया साथ में कुच्छ नोट्स भी बना डाले। कोर्स को बनाते समय अमन सर् ने काफी मेहनत किया है।काफी सिलसिलेवार ढंग से कोर्स की विषय वस्तु को सजाया है जिससे पाठकों को एक के बाद एक विषय को समझने में काफी आसानी होती है।ज्योतिष जैसी गूढ़ विद्या को इतने सहज तरीके से बताया गया है जो और कहीं शायद ही मिले। ज्योतिष की यह विधि काफी सरल और भविष्य कथन करने में इतना सहज है कि कुंडली देखते ही सिस्टेम एस्ट्रोलॉजर जातक के बारे में सटीक जानकारी दे देते है। मैं अमन सर् का धन्यवाद करता हूँ जिन्होंने काफी मेहनत कर गागर में सागर को उढेल कर जन कल्याण हेतू काफी कम मूल्य में सर्वशुलभ कराया है।ज्योतिष की इस सर्वोत्कृष्ट सिस्टेम अप्प्रोच को कम पैसे खर्च से सीखने का मौका और कहीं उपलब्ध नहीं है। मैं अमन सर् से विशेष आग्रह कर रहा हूँ कि इसके एडभान्स कोर्स को तैयार कर अपने विद्यार्थियों को उपलब्ध करावें।

राम नाथ बैठा


This is an excellent course for those who want to improve their astrology skills. Systemsʻ Approach to Vedic Astrology is the pot of gold at the end of the astrologerʻs rainbow. Systemsʻ Approach is being used by more than 800 Vedic Astrologers worldwide, because it is scientific, accurate, relevant, practical and replicable. If you see any Systemsʻ Approach astrologer, we will all give you the same reading, because these readings are not based on personal preference, intuition, or a hodge-podge of techniques. Those practicing Systemsʻ Approach will be tomorrowʻs leading astrologers and will have a lot of confidence in the information and guidance they are providing to their clients.


David Hawthorne, M.S., Jyotish Bhanu, Jyotish Acharya. President, International Institute of Predictive Astrology.

David Hawthorne


Woww! So much information in this Introduction Course. Such a simple way to provide the lessons.

Very happy to get this course.

Ranju Goyal


One of the best astrology course. So far have watched first few lectures and quite impressed.

Dhananjay Saini


I started learning astrology few days back and was lost as was not able to understand various concepts. This course has made me understand things so easily that now am in love with astrology and am confident that I can do it.

Sonali Sharma


Great course with so much of information. So many case studies provide real life examples and learning experience.

Diya Goyal


Overall a Great course…just one thing i wish to be added in it is examples on exact calculation of strength of planets and houses by hand for some charts since not all softwares have those features.

Rahul Abrol


This astrology course has made my learning so simple that I am getting addicted to learning this science. Thank you Sir Amandeep Saini for simplifying the concepts.

Shveta Saini


I am slowly learning the concept and would like to understand deep to read the horoscope of others.

Himani Goyal


I have started with my course today. It has been taught in an easy to understand manner. I hope i m able to complete it without any obstacles.

Veenu Mendiratta

Gwalior, MP, India

Very good course: clear and deep exposition.

Gerardo Espinosa Silva

Chile, South America

I watched ur first lecture on website. It is amazing. I thank you sir too much.

Lateef Hussain

Srinagar, J&K, India

Fantastic course. Anyone can learn astrology now. Waiting for advance course to learn more.

Muruli Shamanna


I joined the fundamental course to get the basic knowledge on Astrology and the course gives clear idea and step by step guidance right from the basic concepts to the role and characteristics of signs, planets and houses. It deals with the systems approach in great detail. The video presentation makes the learning very simple. The text materials provided are of immense help to understand the subject very clearly. I just completed the theory portion and looking forward to the practical aspects of analyzing horoscopes.

N. Sundararaman

Bangalore - India

The only online course on Systems Approach to Vedic astrology (SATVA) that is deeply comprehensive and well structured. It presents the fundamental areas of this scientific paradigm in an easy way for anyone interested in this ancient knowledge.

An excellent introduction to learn true predictive astrology techniques.

Leonardo Moreira


I am a student in your fundamental course and have learnt a lot. thank you for putting together such an amazing course. Big fan of your teachings. Will continue to learn as much as I can.

Parshv Gala


One of the great course explaining concepts in easy to understand language. Their YouTube Channel has a lot many information videos.



It is a superb course. Content, quizzes and everything is fantastic.

A big thanks and gratitude to aman sir. 🙏


I am learning Indian Vedic Astrology course with Aman Sir, he has explained each topic in a very clearly and has also provided the necessary notes which makes it easy for the beginners, Sir has also shared practical learning which makes it even more understandable. Above all he is always there to help as and when we have doubts.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn vedic Astrology.

Rachna Sahni

Hyderabad, India

I came across Astro Satva on social media and I was looking for a structured course to learn Vedic Astrology. I must say that this course by Aman Ji is very well formulated, structured, easy to understand concepts. And most important above this is personal connect of Aman Ji to clarify doubts.

Highly recommended course.

Thank you

Anjju Gupta

Zirakpur, punjab, India

Yes, very impressed with the teaching style and presentation of technical information combined with real examples and years of experience.

Dion S Oakman


Learning astrology for quite some time but the way it is explained in this course is quite interesting. Great knowledge and excellent explanations.



Really get benefited from this course and awaiting the material for advance courses. Thank you Mr. Saini for such a wonderful way of delivering lectures.

Joginder Gagneja

Jalandhar, Punjab, INDIA

Wonderful Vedic astrology course. Waiting for advance course to know Prashna astrology.

Himani Goyal


Advanced Course on Systems Approach with a touch to Vedic Astrology is scheduled to be launched on 21st May 2021.

Everyday I see ads. on Facebook, claiming to teach you, make you expert in astrology within 15 days. What a fun?

Learn astrology at Rs.99,/-
Learn Astrology at Rs.199/-
Learn Astrology at Rs.599/-

Everyone, with a little common sense can understand that, these ads, are nothing but an eye wash. How one can teach the complicated of Astrology within 15 days,1month and so on.

Systems Approach in Vedic Astrology never claimed such heights. The co-operation and guidance by the promoters of the course is praiseworthy.

Anyone, who is interested in Astrology, wants to learn Astrology either as a hobby or as a profession must join this course.

I have viewed many videos on classical astrology of prominent astrologers like V.P.Goel, Alok Khandelwal, and found the explanations and treatment of the chart extremely confusing.
Myself just one and half month old in System Approach found the same to be very convincing. Besides concentrating on the lecture and explanation of charts, if someone us having Jyotish Tools Software, it solves more than fifty percent of your analysis. The rest fifty percent depends on your acumen and ability to understand the language of planets, houses, transit influences etc.

If you do it, it will not take much time for anyone to touch the boundary if predictions.

My best wishes for everyone, who joins the advance course of System Approach.

Rajkumar Tulshyan

Rourkela, Orissa, INDIA

I wanted to ask that after these two courses which all advance courses you will teach? I am very much interested in learning all about astrology with all its type. Sir, I am always interested and it’s good for me too as I am from a middle income background its easy for me to pay slowly and in part. Please inform me when ever you start advance courses.

Tarashankar Chatterjee

Kolkata, West Bengal

Will join the advanced course but I have not yet finished the fundamental one due to poor health. After this advanced course sir please plan something on K.. P. Astrology also in the way you do

– Well planned and executed beautifully 😊‼️

Suman Chowdhhury

Kolkata, West Bengal

I have been learning Astrology for a few months now, I spend around 2-3 hours per day in addition to my day Job. I found your course quite interesting and refreshing. I found the techniques very clear and precise. I can now understand and appreciate the special value that Systems Approach adds to the chart analysis. The systems approach seems to be a very simplified way of analyzing charts. I look forward to your next courses. I will continue my Journey in Astrology for a few more years before I start anything professional. Once again , many thanks for creating this great course. Regards

Rajat Pandita


Celebrate life. Celebrate love. Surrender in deep love. Let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem. Focus on the positive and positive results are what you would get. Let the focus be WITHIN, let the focus be on the real growth and real growth is possible only when you surrender to your Lord, your Master in totality. You do not have to agree or disagree with him. Mind is a Monkey- it goes on agreeing and disagreeing- blocking you from realizing the truth. Heart simply listens-follow your heart-just listen to his words.

Astrology is a study of vibrations-and vibrations generally move on-it takes time. So for those who were first will now be the last and they would have started experiencing HEAT. Heat here means excitement-excitement to have learned something mystical science. But their excitement shall cool down, the moment they realize, that whatever they learned is a is only a mild wave. Going deep in the ocean needs the supervision of GURU. Likewise who were the last will now be the first and they would have started experiencing the joy. Again it is matter if excitement.
Without GURU, though you will get results but the prediction is based on how much you have learned from the Master. One should always remember, that a doctor with half heart and head full of doubts, can never diagnosis the disease and prescribe the right medicine.
Keep a note that PLANETS DO NOT HAVE THE FINAL SAY. You have got your FREE WILL OR WILL POWER. You have got the consciousness within you. You can work out miracles.
FOCUS ON MIRACLES-not on MAGIC. Magic has an expiry date-at some point-the magic is going to let you down. The opposite side of the coin is Miracle, they are immortal-when they happen-they happen forever.

Rajkumar Tulshyan