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If you can read this page, if you are able to solve simple tables, if you are willing to invest some time in the evenings or even on your weekends, and if you have some interest; you can learn Astrology.


Yes! that's right. YOU CAN learn astrology. Astrosatva Courses is an initiative by Astrologer Aman to share his decades of study and astrological knowledge with individuals, who wish to enhance their predictive skills, help themselves and are willing to guide others, thereafter.


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Astrology is the language of stars, planets & heavenly bodies. With AstroSatva, learning this language is not difficult.

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AstroSatva Courses are designed and delivered by astrologer Aman. He has decades of experience and proven practical  knowledge of astrology.

After studying our courses, you will gain practical knowledge along with techniques and tips to understand and analyze horoscopes.

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