Learn vedic astrology through astrology course online. Online astrology course helps to learn jyotish course through professional astrology course and one can learn indian astrology course quickly and can become an expert through jyotish shastra course. 



Membership Details


Eligibility to Become Student Member:
  • You become Student Member when you enrol any course with AstroSatva at It could be a recorded course, or a Live course.
  • Student members are entitled to enjoy certain benefits detailed out in below section.
Student Member Benefits:
  • Entitled to join LIVE Doubt Clearing Sessions free of cost (even after completion of the course).
  • Entitled to obtain “Certificate of Excellence” at no extra cost after clearing an assignment.

(Refer certification details at

  • Enjoy special discounted price during Pre-Launch Offer of all new recorded courses.
  • No expiry date of Student Membership.
  • No extra fee to be paid to become a student member. You become student member at the time of course enrolment itself.
  • Join regular “Practical Student Workshops” for hands-on practice and confidence build-up. (Click here to know more about practical workshops).


Eligibility to Become Associate Member

You must have obtained “Certificate of Completion” and “Certificate of Excellence” from AstroSatva. These Certificates could be of any of the courses offered by AstroSatva.

Membership fee of Rs. 10,000/- (plus GST) for one year membership, renewed yearly for Rs. 7,500/- (plus GST).

Associate members are entitled to enjoy certain benefits detailed out in below section.

Associate Member Benefits:

1. All the benefits of Student Member

Associate members will be entitled to all the benefits of Student Member of AstroSatva.

2. Profile Listing on AstroSatva Portal

Associate Member’s profile will be listed on highlighting the member’s background, astrological experience, and knowledge, showcasing member’s Certificate of Excellence, and Membership Certificate. Profile listing on AstroSatva Portal will open opportunities for member to get clients from their local area as well as globally.

3. Flat 10% Discount on All Courses (Recorded or Live)

Associate Members are entitled to avail flat 10% discount on all courses offered by AstroSatva. If associate members want to enhance their astrological skills further through recorded courses, or any of the live courses, they can join in at a discounted price. Moreover, associate members will get this 10% discount over and above pre-launch offer discounts which are provided to the Student Members.

4. Membership Certificate

Associate members get a membership certificate from AstroSatva valid for one year which gets renewed along with membership every year.

5. Free of Cost Member Event Support

Associate Member can conduct any online or offline event in their capacity to grow professionally in the field of astrology. AstroSatva provides full support to associate members by way of (a) participating in the events as a speaker, (b) highlighting the member’s skills, (c) by providing regular guidance to member during the event, (d) publishing event recording and photographs on AstroSatva social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). These member events should be planned in prior consultation with AstroSatva to eliminate any schedule conflicts.

6. Dedicated Workshops for Active Associate Members

AstroSatva regularly conducts multiple practical workshops specially for Associate Members. Some of these workshops are quite exhaustive and are for a duration of 4 to 5 days. These workshops help the members in establishing themselves professionally in the field of astrology. Following workshops, to name a few, are the ones which really help an associate member to get established:

  1. How to Set-Up Your Own Astrology Consultancy Office,
  2. How to enhance consultation skills,
  3. How to make the analysis report and give remedies suggestion,
  4. How to build Social Media Presence.
7. Free of Cost Entry to “Practical Student Workshops”

Associate Members can join “Practical Student Workshops” conducted for the student members without any charge and can enhance their knowledge further. (Click here to know more about practical workshops)


Submit duly filled membership form. (Click here to Download Membership form)

Attach address proof and identity proof (Issued by Government Department) e.g., scanned copy of Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card etc.)

Attach one Passport Size Photograph.

Member profile describing briefly about member’s professional background, astrological experience in terms of years or months, other accomplishments in astrology or related fields. This is required to publish member profile on AstroSatva portal.

Member’s contact details i.e. Mobile Number, Email ID, Office Address for Astrology work (if any), Office Timings.

Membership fee payment receipt.