Students are entitled to get two levels of certification from AstroSatva Courses. Certification details and requirements are listed below. Please note that certificates are provided for selected courses only. Kindly refer the course details/ features regarding certification applicability.

  1. Certificate of Completion

This certificate is given to students who successfully complete the course they have enrolled into. Students shall complete the course within three months of enrollment. The course access is lifetime however the eligibility to claim the certificate is within three months from the date of enrollment. 

After completing the course students need to send a request via email at “info[AT]” informing their date of enrolment and progress about course completion. Our certification team validates their progress and issues a course completion certificate. This certificate only confirms that the student has completed the course. This certificate does not confirm their understanding and expertise about the concepts taught in the course. Lead time to issue the certificate after receiving student’s request is 5 to 7 working days. The certificate will be sent via email and the same can be validated online on “” as per the link mentioned on certificate. Please send certificate request only after completing the course.

  1. Certificate of Excellence

This certificate is awarded to students after their assignment evaluation. Assignments are optional however they are mandatory to get certificate of excellence. Students shall attempt the assignment within one month of getting the Certificate of Completion or within four months from the date of Enrollment (whichever is earliest). Certificate of Excellence will not be awarded after four months of enrollment date

Interested students to send email at “info[AT]” stating their intent to attempt the assignment and certificate number of “Certificate of Completion”. Certification team will send the assignment to the student. Student completes the assignment and sends back the scanned copy for evaluation within 24 hours. Students are requested to ask for assignment set only when they will be in a position to solve it. In unavoidable circumstances at student’s end to comply with this requirement, a second set of assignment can be sent solely on the discretion of certification team. In case student fails to solve and send back the solved assignment within 24 hours time, the student will loose the opportunity to get Certificate of Excellence.

Students who score 50% and above in assignments will be awarded Certificate of Excellence. This certificate confirms that the students have understood the concepts taught in the course and can apply the principles in real life.

For first attempt of assignments the certification fee is included in the course fee. For additional attempts students need to pay the certification fee of Rs. 1,500/- only.

Feedback on the assignments is provided on specific request of the student.

Assignment evaluation may take 10 to 15 working days and the certificate will be issued after evaluation. The certificate will be sent via email and the same can be validated online on “” as per the link mentioned on certificate. Please note that students scoring less than 50% will not be awarded the certificate.

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