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Welcome to AstroSatva online Astrology Courses.
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Yes. With dedication and sincere efforts, following the required steps, anyone can learn it.

This course starts from the very basics of astrology and progresses to advanced concepts. By following our fundamental course on Indian (Vedic) Astrology step by step, you will soon start analyzing horoscopes by yourself.

This course is complete in itself. However, anyone who has more interest in the subject, must study further.

This course is available in English and Hindi languages.

All AstroSatva students can clarify their doubts by sending emails. You can also post your queries on the closed Facebook group. Astrologer Aman Deep also conducts regular live doubt clearing sessions. You can always raise your queries in those live sessions too.

There are two levels of certification by AstroSatva. All students get a certificate of completion on completion of the course. Students are also entitled to solve an assignment to get an additional certificate of Excellence. Please refer to our certifications page for more details.

This course is available in English and Hindi languages.

The fundamentals course in astrology by AstroSatva is an online self-paced course, comprising 48 recorded video lectures.

All students get a lifetime access to our course material.

You will get an eBook along with additional downloadable PDF files containing course slides. We provide you everything to make you successful in the field of Astrology.

As such, there is no defined time limit in which you have to complete the course. Still, it is recommended that the course must be completed within 2 to 3 months’ time frame to have a better understanding of astrology concepts.

After enrolment, you need to login with your registered email ID on the link. Without login, the system does not understand whether you have paid or not.

The course is accessible under Profile -> Dashboard -> Courses

Yes. Any of the lectures can be attended anytime and any of the quiz can be solved anytime. There is no set sequence to do the same. However, it is recommended to follow the chronology of the curriculum for optimum results.

No. KP astrology is a different system. In our course, all approaches are aligned to the school of Vedic Astrology.

Yes. We have a dedicated chapter to cover remedies.

Even though it is not necessary, it will be an additional help when you read extra material along with this course.

In case your network is slow you can switch to SD (Standard Definition) Videos. HD (High Definition) Videos will run fine on high-speed networks only.

The fees for Certificate of Excellence is all inclusive in the course fee and students need not to pay additional charges for it at the first attempt. The students who score equal to or more than 50% in the assignments are awarded Certificate of Excellence.

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