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Astro Houses Chart and its importance in Astrology

Astro Houses Chart and its importance in Astrology

🍀 Astro Houses Chart and its importance in Astrology.

In the study of astrology, nothing is more important, more difficult, and more troublesome than proper judgement of the horoscopes. The twelve houses represent the entire history and future of the individual in study. Twelve houses in Astro houses chart signify different life areas. To analyze a horoscope properly and thoroughly, each house should be carefully analyzed. It must be noted that the twelve houses reference to the material relation of soul and its journey from birth to death.

In applying rules contained in astrological books to practical horoscopes, one must bear in mind that they are nearly for his guidance. Significations have been assigned to various dignities and abilities of planets the pros and cons of which must be carefully considered.

No prediction should be given in a haphazard manner. When in one case a planet is exalted and in other case planet is debilitated the results will differ. An astrology student must bear in mind all these differences and thereafter venture a prediction.

Horoscope is an astrology chart representing various houses signifying different life areas. In short, we can also call it Astro Houses Chart, because it is an astrological chart depicting different houses. In examining a house, due importance should be given not only to the natal chart but also to the D9 and other appropriate diagrams.

While analyzing a house in Astro houses chart the following factors should be considered carefully:

(a) the strength of aspect, conjunctions, and location of the Lord of the house

(b) the strength of the house itself

(c) the natural qualities of the house of its Lord and the planets in it or having aspects

(d) the exaltation and debilitation of the house lord are equally important.


The astrologer should possess a keen intellect to enable him to analyze the various sets of combinations and examine the evidence properly.

Twelve Houses:

Twelve houses in Astro houses chart signify different life areas. The house which has positive influence of planets, the signification of that house prospers. At the same time, the lord of that house should also be in strength. However, when that lord or the house has malefic influences then the signification of that house trouble the person. Such challenges one must face specially during the periods of that lord.

In the judgement of a horoscope an astrologer will come across many pitfalls. Each house deals with different significations and the same set of combinations obtaining in a particular house might influence the different significations comprehended by the house, in different ways.

To make it clearer, let us take an example of 4th house. It signifies mother, education, landed property, assets, and heart. An illiterate man may possess many houses and a long-lived mother while one with full education may not possess any properties. How can the same set of combinations affect the same house – in different ways regarding its different significations? This apparent inconsistency gets taken care by introduction of an important factor i.e., the Karaka (indicators).

The whole idea of learning astrology should focus on practical aspect of analyzing Astro houses chart. In the study of astrology, theory and practice go side by side. Theory always remains theory and it will be of no practical use to man. Take any subject for that matter like physics, chemistry, biology, or geology. One may have read all the books available on the subject but if it comes to a question of application, people struggle. A harmonious blending of the theoretical knowledge with practical ability is always desirable.

In the sphere of astrology also, a study of practical horoscopes is necessary to grasp the true worth of the subject and handle its technique properly. Astrology is a science and no superstition. It is an interplanetary energy. The ancient Maharishis who have propounded the rules of astrology were sages of a high psychic development and examined terrestrial and celestial phenomena by their divine sight.

Astrology simply indicates and gives the greatest scope for the development of will-power, by means of which one can either counteract the evil indications or augment the favorable influences.

The mathematical basis of astrology is so precise and exact that even its greatest enemies cannot but be convinced of its scientific nature. The noble art of predictions assumes a fair amount of knowledge in the mathematical part of astrology. It cannot be denied that such an ability, imposes a great strain on the limited mental acumen of the average astrologer, that his pretensions to make correct predictions are really baseless.

It would be better to draw a distinction, between mathematical astrology and astronomy. By the former, we mean, the relation of mathematics to astrology is so far as it is concerned with the correct determination of the longitudes of planets based on reliable ephemerides or almanacs, cusps of the various houses, the different kinds of strengths and weaknesses of each planet and house, and such other details which are ascertainable with the aid of mathematics so that a sound basis for making correct predictions may be obtained.

In other words, mathematical astrology deals with nothing but correct casting of horoscopes. And we classify the methods of computing the longitudes of planets independently, determining the periods of eclipses and such other details as the measurement of the dimensions of the various celestial bodies and their internal and external peculiarities, etc., under astronomy.

Hence, to identify the results of various Astro houses chart, the significations of each house should be understood for important events and incidents in life. Apart from this, the houses are of different kind that one must understand like angle houses, trine houses, cadent houses etc. Various significations for each house shall be analyzed then. All such calculation is done after successfully casting a correct horoscope.

After this first step, predictions can be confidently ventured provided one is well equipped with principles that determine the strengths of planets and houses. The judgement of a horoscope forms the most important and difficult task of an astrologer. The strengths of planets and their aspects play an important part. Patience, perseverance, and experience will help astrologer to find an easy means to arrive at the result in no time.

No science or art is more interesting, instructive, and useful to mankind in contribution to his moral and material advancements than the sublime of astrology. The blessed ones take the advantage and utilize this divine knowledge on the path of self-realization.


Thanks and all the best!

Aman Deep Saini