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Learning Vedic Astrology step by step is not difficult at all! You just need a great teacher!

Learning Vedic Astrology step by step is not difficult at all! You just need a great teacher!

🍀 What I Wish Everyone Knew About Learning Vedic Astrology Step By Step.

Learning Vedic Astrology could be overwhelming for few specially, beginners. This is due to the vast areas that this subject has to offer. Not only the number of concepts that one must understand, but it is also expected for them to remember various significations of different Signs, Houses, and Planets. Once you start your journey of learning astrology, you figure out how vast this subject is and that it demands dedicated efforts to understand and learn various aspects of Vedic astrology step by step.

Either you learn from books, YouTube Videos, professional courses, or you learn under direct guidance of a learned Guru, one thing is important that you need to put in your dedicated efforts. On the path of learning, sometimes one feels obstructed, confused, or lost specially if learning with self-study. That is where the role of a Guru or a good astrology teacher comes into play who can at that very moment clear the doubts and helps you in moving into right direction.

Learning Vedic astrology becomes easy under the guidance of a teacher and your learning process gets faster. This should be the first step in your learning roadmap to get yourself a right teacher if you really want to get success in learning Vedic astrology step by step. The overall framework and path to move forward is what comes at the next step. While one contemplates from where to start, a good teacher has everything ready for the students already.

Under proper guidance student just needs to follow the instructions and start the journey. All other aspects of the subject come later that one should know. When these initial steps are known and followed, the rest of the steps fall in place easily. 


5 Things That You Never Expect On Learning Vedic Astrology Step By Step

Before you start your journey of learning Vedic astrology, first understand what is Astrology? The very idea about astrology of predicting future is partially correct but that is how things have been known to most people. You would listen people saying that because of so and so planet’s period I am suffering. To some people this does not make any sense, and few think it might be like this only.

The fact is that planets do not affect us, but they only forewarn us about any upcoming challenge or happy moment. And how that happens? It happens because those planets are not outside us but inside. The inner emotions of humans are given different names which you may call planet. It is not that any outer planet can affect you, but your emotions surely will. Isn’t it? 

1. Hence, the first thing that you shall always keep in mind while learning Vedic astrology step by step is that understand the fact that a person takes birth with past Karmas along with free will at his or her disposal. Having this understanding that based on past Karmas one will enjoy the fruits or suffer is not completely true. Based on the free will, one can change the effects of past karmas. That is the essence of astrological remedies which helps in diluting the negative impacts of malefic planets. 

2. Secondly, one shall never expect to get hundred percent accuracy from horoscope analysis. Sometimes people expect to get minute to minute reading when they come for horoscope analysis. That is not possible. If someone claims to have hundred percent accuracy level, then my advice would be to stay away from such person. Astrology can give a general trend and guide you as a road navigation system guides you. Having such expectation to get minute to minute instruction from your birth chart is completely impractical. 

3. Third, never expect to become an expert overnight. Astrology is a vast area, and it takes years or even decades for people to understand the principles. Now in the era of Internet where connectivity is fast and people can clarify their doubts quickly, this learning curve has shortened a bit. But still, one must dedicatedly learn and have right expectations for stress free learning. 

4. Fourth important point that learners shall keep in mind is to start with an empty cup. When people think that they know a lot and joining a class, starting a new book, attending a seminar will just add onto what they have already learnt, they actually miss out on the actual learnings that otherwise they would have got. Ever noticed while refilling fuel in your vehicles? The guy at the fuel station always asks you to check the Zero at the meter. It is always advisable to start from Zero, go with the journey of learning astrology step by step and reach a different level. 

5. Fifth important point is that one shall never expect to learn everything from self-study. There comes a time when everyone on this path needs deeper understanding. Calculative astrology anyone can learn with some efforts but when it comes to understand the reasons, and underlying philosophy, then a Guru, a teacher, a mentor is always required. Your faith that you can learn gets good boost from the Guru when you get the clarifications, reasonings, and blessings of a Guru.

How Learning Vedic Astrology Step By Step Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Vedic astrology is a guiding tool for everyone.

It is like a navigation system of our car. While driving we use navigation system to get route guidance to reach our destination. Similarly, in Vedic astrology our birth chart becomes our guiding tool which guides us on all major milestones of our life. When you learn Vedic Astrology Step by Step, you understand the value it adds onto your life.

Before taking any major decision of your life, you look at Dasha charts, evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the chart and take the decisions accordingly. Let us assume you want to open a new branch office within next six months as part of your expansion plan.

Based on your plan you need to invest good amount of money in leasing office space, office furniture and other infrastructure, hire additional staff and relocate few of your existing staff to a new city, take care of their boarding & lodging expenses, marketing expenses for new office, transportation cost for employees and other similar expenses.

Upcoming time always have a factor of uncertainty and that is the risk a businessman takes to progress in life. Now at that moment if you have a look at your birth chart to check what sort of planetary periods and transits are coming up, that will address the uncertainty factor to some extent.

What if the planetary period indicates debts, disputes, and litigation or health concerns? In such a scenario your risk with your investment on new office will be high as there would be chances that things might not go in line with your plans. That is when you can take shelter under astral remedies and take business decisions accordingly. 


Eliminate Your Fear And Pick Up Learning Vedic Astrology Step By Step Today

Having interest in Vedic astrology and knowing about it in bits and pieces is good but when it comes to go deeper, one may have multiple questions in mind resulting into lack of confidence and fear of failure. Whether I will be able to learn this vast area? How do I get my doubts clarified? Whom shall I trust for getting the guidance while on the learning path? All such questions are obvious for a beginner.

Now a days when information flow is enormous, and people start learning by self-study from books and YouTube videos, the real challenge comes when they have a question or doubt, and they find reaching a dead end as to now whom to ask that question?

And in the lack of clarity on their doubts, either they land up with wrong understanding about the concept or they just leave their journey of learning Vedic astrology in between. That happens because they do not start with the correct approach. The correct approach is to learn Vedic Astrology step by step. One wrong step and such a dilemma will surely be there to interrupt the journey of learning.

Learning from books is good. Watching YouTube videos is good. Starting the journey through self-study is good. However, as long as one is just doing all these as a hobby is still acceptable even though step by step approach is advisable for everyone. But someone who wants to seriously learn about this vast area, then only way is to learn Vedic astrology step by step.

A formal course, a formal study, learning under someone’s guidance is what becomes imperative. When there is a guide, a mentor, a teacher, a coach – all your fear goes away. All such questions that initially were troubling goes away. Because then you have the Guru on your side to guide you at every step of your journey. Hence, find your mentor, start your journey of learning Vedic astrology step by step and eliminate your fear.


Few Secrets You Will learn here About Learning Vedic Astrology Step By Step

The first secret in learning Vedic astrology step by step is that there is no secret.

And that becomes the challenge. Now a days when information flow is outrageous, one is not able to cope up with it and at the end of the day gets confused as to on what one should rely on. The step-by-step approach when followed under direct guidance, principles are understood step by step with practical case studies, that is when one understands the real subject. 

Secondly, while reading about Vedic astrology people come across various heavy words by the name of those words one gets trembling. For example, Manglik Yoga, Saade Sati, Kaal Sarp Yoga, Guru Chandaal Yoga, Gaj Kesari yoga and so many other yogas. The fact is that one shall go deeper and understand the real meaning of all these terms. Didn’t you get a treacherous feeling from “Guru Chandal Yoga”? The very name is capable enough to give shivers. Isn’t it? It is actually the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter in a horoscope. So, all such things shall be learnt in detail under guidance. 

Then comes the area of match making for marriage. The secret is that two souls when are about to start their marital life, their charts should be matched manually. Merely checking Gun Dosh analysis is not enough. If that would have been the case, their should have been good success rate in the marriages happening based on such match makings done. This you may call a secret because it is not known to majority of the people. Learning Vedic astrology Step by Step can surely remove the haze from all such factors that have been there in the air for long.


Thanks and all the best!

Aman Deep Saini