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Can astrology bring back my lover and provide solution for love problem?

Can astrology bring back my lover and provide solution for love problem?

At some point in time, you may have this question coming to your mind that “this girl or this boy who is in love with you is really in love with you or just playing a game?”. “Will he or she remain loyal to you or always remain with you?”. And later, when things do not go as expected between you two, this doubt that was earlier a question in your mind – now becomes a firm belief that haunts you for rest of your life. Actually, there is no need to ask for it to be real. You must play the game – and that is the reality. And with this game you surely can find love problem solution.

Osho has said “People feel lonely; they need somebody to fill their loneliness. They call it love. They show love because that is the only way to hook the other. The other also calls it love because that is the only way to hook you. But who knows whether there is love or not? In fact, love is just a game. This continuous anxiety — whether the other’s love is real or not — simply shows one thing: that your love is not real. Otherwise, who bothers? Why be worried about it? Enjoy it while it lasts! Be together while you can be together! It is a fiction, but you need fiction.”

The important question here is whether you love yourself or not. First one must get answer to this question. If you yourself do not love you, then how can you expect others to love you. The challenge starts from this fact only that we are not even sure about our love towards ourselves. People hate themselves and look for love outside. How can it be possible?

And not even teenagers, even people in their thirties, forties, or even fifties and more also face this dilemma and start living in past when once they had an experience which they thought was love.

The very thought of not letting go the memories of this experience, further pushes them to live in past and anyhow they want to get their ex-love back. The thinking “if she loves you she will come back”, or “I love my ex-boyfriend”, “I love my ex-girlfriend”, at any cost “I want to bring back my lover”, get the “love problem solution” and want to have my “love life” back. And then majority of the people have wrong expectations of getting astrological solutions and want their lost lover back by any means.

In today’s time we have many opportunists in society who just want to grab the opportunity to extort easy money out of such emotionally weak people. Rather we shall say that those people who are going through an emotional roller-coaster at a specific timeframe, they fall prey to such opportunists as they are far away from reality and want their ex-love back. The fact is that if someone was really in love with you, he or she would have no expectations from you and would want to only give YOU, their best. Love never demands, love always offers – the feeling of compassion, joy, it showers you with affection. And in return it just wants nothing at all.

With the help of astrology surely, we can find out our own strengths and weaknesses. We can find out if we are destined to get any emotional setbacks or not and that too is based on our own strengths and weaknesses. Actively working on our strengths and weaknesses can help us in managing our life in all areas whereas asking someone claiming themselves to be astrologers to do vashikaran or bring back my lover or to get love problem solution is sheer foolishness. In this process people lose their hard-earned money and precious time. When they do not see things happening as expected, they lose faith in astrology. Now this is funny. A couple of points to note here. First, when someone visits a doctor and do not get any relief to their medical condition, they do not blame medical science altogether. Its that doctor who could not help that person to get good health with his or her treatment. Secondly, if the person is suffering from such a disease for which there is no solution in medical science and still the doctor claims to treat that patient – we very well know what the outcome of this could be. The problem will remain as it is, the person will spend money on treatment and wastes precious time hoping for a solution and keep on struggling with their medical condition. Similarly, if a person is under the influence of fake astrologers who give air to the person’s thought of getting ex love back which eventually is not going to happen, they start blaming astrology and not the fake astrologer. And that is life.

Anyways, people must understand the reality and have correct expectations. That way they can save their money, time, energy, and at the same time understand their own strengths which can give them success in life, understand their weaknesses which when addressed can make them a better human being, and understand the correct definition of love which is not merely the satisfaction of physical needs and desires. Love is beyond that.

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