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Beyond Known and Unknown

Beyond Known and Unknown

“Universe”, “Cosmos”, or “Brahmand”, is a design, a framework, or structure manifested from Supreme Personality of Godhead – The Super Soul in which we enjoy day to day ups and downs of our journey called life. All the entities – living or non-living are part and parcel of God. Human beings are blessed with intelligence to know and understand about this divinity on their journey of self discovery. Other living entities do not have such intelligence and understanding about divine nature of universe.

The nature holds several clues, hidden treasures, pearls of wisdom which if understood well, can help humans to complete their journey from unknown to known. The very fact is that we – the mortal entities, do not even know that there is something beyond known and unknown. The things and facts that are known to us, we feel pride in preaching about them. And the things and facts that we are yet to discover, are anyway not known to us. But the fact is that we do not even know about ourselves. As an individual, one does not even know about himself or herself well. We identify ourselves with the information that is either available on our passport, or certificates. But is it what one really is? Oneself is quite different than what all such information about that person is available to the world and even to that person itself.

To embark on the journey of self-discovery, there are various paths available, and they all lead to one destination – Self-Realization. How to live life, how shall one perform their duties, wisdom about attachment and detachment, wisdom about all these we get from Astrology. The exact Hindi word does the justice with the subject and that is “Jyotish”. That “Jyoti” (Light) which shows us the path towards self-realization is Jyotish. The light of Ish (God) that guides us as to how to Live – is Jyotish.

Any activity done with attachment leads to bondage. That leads to the concept of results of one’s Karmas (Karm-Phal). And birth after birth we mortal souls continue to perform our worldly actions with attachment which leads to the cycle of birth and death. In this Human form we get the opportunity to understand ourselves, but very few blessed ones could remain on the path of Self-Realization. If understood appropriately, Jyotish and similar branches of it can become a wonderful tool towards self-realisation. The horoscope clearly depicts the previous Karmas of an individual in the form of planetary position at the time of birth.

In other words, we can call it “Mood of God” at the time of birth. The individual comes in this world with previous Karmas and Free will. The entire universe always remains “within” which throughout life seeks our attention, but we keep on looking outside and never look within. Different emotions and thinking patterns of humans always have short-term and long-term impact on upcoming life events. How to react in any situation defines the path forward. That is where actually the role of free will comes into picture which can make or break anyone’s destiny. Future course of actions of individuals can be changed by correct approach in life and hence, understanding of free will & its application, in terms of our response to situations and opportunities served to us, can change the fruitive results of Karmas.

The nature of this universe is divine. All the entities of this universe are spiritual, religious, divine in their original form. Heat is the religion of fire – without heat, it will not be known as fire. Cold is the religion of Ice – the ice is known for its cold nature and if it does not follow its “Dharma” – its overall identity becomes questionable. The word religion or “Dharma” shall be understood correctly. Helping each other with self-less motives is the “Dharma” of every human being. Religion or “Dharma” shall never be understood as a specific “Panth” or “Faith”. Someone’s faith can change over time but not “Dharma”.

It should be the first priority of each individual to understand this “Divine Design”, and the very basic “Dharma” of Humans and perform all activities to move towards Self-Realization. One may choose to enjoy this journey towards self-realisation using any path (Meditation, Gyaan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Sankeertan, following teachings of scriptures etc.). At the end of the journey, it does not matter which path one opted for. What matters is achieving the goal of self-realisation – having “experienced” about “self” which is beyond known and unknown.

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