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Horoscope or Horrorscope

Horoscope or Horrorscope

People expect solution to their problems from astrology. They think that an astrologer can predict their future and then they can take next step of their life accordingly. This entire thinking actually is misaligned. When something is already known to someone about upcoming life events, then actually there is no charm left in life. Wonder if you are planning to go and watch a movie and your close friend calls you and tells you the climax of that movie? Now you already know what is going to happen at the end of that movie. Would you enjoy that movie? Probably not. Decoding an astrology horoscope today is not at all difficult provided one enables himself to do so.

The thinking or the expectation that the future about a person can be or should be predicted using horoscope, actually leads to a situation where person’s horoscope becomes a horrorscope. It is true that the birth chart or horoscope depicts previous karmas but that is not all. A person also has free will at its disposal to use as required. Secondly, if an astrologer tells you something negative, then anyway the horror starts at the very moment. If unfavourable period is going to start after a year as per horoscope, knowing about it gives the chills immediately and the person goes into distress. The idea behind horoscope analysis is to understand the challenges and potential rather than to predict. It’s actually important to know weak areas about oneself and strengths so that the weaknesses can be worked upon, and strengths can be utilised effectively.

Some people look at their birth chart every now and then. Before any task they look at the planetary period, transit, nakshatra and what not. That way we are becoming slave of zodiac signs and making our life a horror. Because then we are allowing external factors to control our thought process. It further dilutes our confidence in ourselves. A horoscope shall be used as a guiding factor to understand strong and weak areas to take care about. It should not become a bottleneck in our progress in life.

A car driver who uses car navigation system can reach the destination without being dependant on others to ask his way. However, he must follow the road signs, traffic rules, must stop at the stop signs, give signals before turning, etc. All such things will not be told by navigation system. The navigation system will reroute if the driver takes a wrong turn. At that moment it will be foolish for him to say that previously this system was showing me a different road to use and now it has changed it…!!! That change in the guidance by navigation system is a result of his one wrong turn few minutes ago. In other words, the roads now he will be driving, will be decided based on his previous action. His upcoming path is now defined by his previous actions (Karmas). Similarly, our life actually depends on our actions, that we call Karmas. Actions performed one hour ago, one day ago, one week ago, one month ago, one year ago, one decade ago, or for that matter one or more lives ago. But at the same time our horoscope acts like a navigation system to guide us to reach to our final goal of life. Make your life beautiful to reach your goal with the help of this wonderful guiding tool named as horoscope and do not turn it into horrorscope. Take charge of your life yourself.

Decoding a horoscope is not at all difficult provided one enables himself to do so. It again comes back to the fact that how one uses his or her free will. They allow others to decode this “life navigation tool” for them or they make themselves capable enough by putting in little effort and do it “themselves”. That way the horror can be kept at bay and then what one is left with is only joy… The joy of fulfilment and accomplishment. Learn the art of horoscope reading Yourself.

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