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What Astrology is for you?

What Astrology is for you?

What Astrology is for you?

Couple of days back I asked on my Facebook Page that what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you read or listen the word “Astrology”? What is astrology for you?

Following are the responses that we got:

1. Future

2. Science

3. Logic

4. Planets and their position

5. Intuition

6. Curiosity

7. Solution of problem

8. Fear

So what actually Astrology is? So far we have known that Astrology helps in predicting future events on the basis of the position of planets in a horoscope. A horoscope is a snapshot of planetary position at the time of birth. Different planets have different speed and distance from Earth. Depending on the ascendant different planets give results as per their functional and general nature during their periods.

But what Astrology is NOT is what one needs to ponder upon. Astrology is not a substitute to one’s Karmas – one’s duties. Astrology has the potential to peek into the future using planetary positions, it has the potential to find out the strength of planets and results henceforth however, it never says that one should get so fearful that he/ she stops performing his/ her duties. Astrology never says that one should sit idle because he or she knows how his or her upcoming time is going to be and hence stop performing their duties. Their such act will ruin their future for sure.

To know the planetary weaknesses and hence taking corrective measure is where Astrology actually helps. However, those things only help when one is disciplined in performing his/ her duties. These remedies bring discipline in one’s life and hence opens up a new door to success. That is how Astrology is helpful.

Never give up, continue to work, be content, be honest and generous, think for the betterment of everyone, give back to the society and hence live a peaceful life.

Always remember this – “What has passed has gone forever, if anything is to happen it is still far off. He who minds the present alone is not afflicted by sorrow.”

Good luck

Aman Deep Saini


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