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Game of Life

Have you ever played any computer game? Am sure most of you would have sometime in your life must have played some type of computer game. How excited we got when for the very first time we started playing a game. We kept on playing for hours and then progressed in various levels we came across and were quite thrilled. Isn’t it? Well, if you take a stock of our lives from thirty thousand feet, you won’t find much difference in the “Game of Life” and that of a “Computer Game”. And that’s where lies the secret of a happy life.

From past few days I was watching my son playing a game and was tempted to lay my hands on it as well. That is when I realized the similarities and learnt a lesson from the game. Let’s take an example of Candy Crush game which is quite popular with mobile users. When we start the game, it starts from one particular level where we left it last, allocates some predefined moves to be played and assigns a task to complete. Then there are couple of possibilities that either you complete the task within the assigned number of moves and the game gets over – taking you to next level – even if there are some moves left. Or your moves get exhausted without completing the task and you couldn’t complete the level. If you fail in a level you get another chance and have to play again in same level in next try to achieve the target of completing the assigned task. Or in-between some other hurdle kills the game even if you have few moves left – e.g. a bomb explodes. Those who have played candy crush can very well correlate to these scenarios.

Now let’s look at the game of life in contrast to candy crush. When we take birth i.e. we start the game and are assigned predefined number of years to live or breath to take. Everyone who takes birth have some purpose in life to achieve whether known to the person or not. Now, again in the game of life there are similar possibilities that we just discussed above. Either the person is able to complete assigned purpose well in time and the game gets over even if there are given moves i.e. years to live are remaining. Or in other words the person gets liberation. That’s what our mythology tells us. The person then moves onto next level in another birth and continues his journey. Second possibility is that the moves get over i.e. person lives the predefined or allocated number of years and couldn’t achieve the purpose. When in this case the game of life gets over he takes next birth and starts-over from the same level in next birth with same task and same number of moves. In other case there might be some mishap in life like a bomb in the candy crush game and the game gets over leaving the person with pending task.

If we look at these two games in contrast to each other, we get to understand the importance of life and living it to full extent. Point to note here is that in all respect, one must try and find life purpose to achieve it in this lifetime so that in next birth we elevate to next level with new purpose or task in a new environment. If we couldn’t complete the task of this birth i.e. couldn’t either identify our life purpose or achieve it and exhaust our breath, we may have to start-over in next birth for the same task in same or similar environment. The message to people having depressed and suicidal thoughts is quite fine in this entire hypothesis is that if someone does suicide, then he or she is not appreciating the opportunity given to achieve bigger purpose of life and will be forcing the universe to put that soul in repeat activity mode i.e. the person will take re-birth in same or similar environment to complete the task that he left incomplete or the purpose from which he/ she ran away in previous birth. The progression to next level will be delayed. Hence, it is our duty and responsibility to continue to do good deeds, keep on doing our karma, try finding our life purpose if not already known, learn from society and try giving it back. Life will show all its flavors to everyone sooner or later and one must always be ready to welcome all the challenges along with happy moments. Never ever try to run away from responsibilities. That is when joy of living will be felt and next level journey will continue.

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