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My Inner World

My Inner World

Most of the time you must have heard people saying that listen to your heart and not mind – or you hear people talking that let your heart take decisions instead of mind. They actually refer to your emotions. What they actually mean is that listen to your emotions and then move forward. The study of planets in our inner world gives altogether a different perspective.

If inside you the emotion of hatred is empowering you, then it’s impact will be quite visible in your actions. Similarly, if the emotion of compassion, empathy and love is flowing, it can also be felt in your actions quite easily by others.

Now to understand the deeper meaning of astrological significance, let’s get neutral and come to plane zero. For the time being lets put aside the concept of planets being far away in the sky as external objects. Close your eyes and look within and consider yourself to be the whole world. You will see a lot of emotions inside you. These are the worldly objects living within you – this is your world. From astrological study you have understood so far that planets, signs and houses have some significations. For example, you know that Jupiter signifies Wisdom, Saturn signifies Sense of Service, Mars signifies courage & actions and so on.

These planets, signs, houses are nothing but a way of understanding human life with the help of a system with different representational tools. The entire life-cycle of humans is divided into twelve houses of 30 degrees each. Planets move in these houses as per their speed. Each house is assigned a sign and these signs are ruled by planets. This is the overall predictive astrology concept that we have been learning all these years.

We have learnt about kaalpurush and have seen how planets, houses and signs represent various body parts and any planetary weakness or affliction gives medical issues to the ruling body part.

It is scientifically proven that our emotions affect our health. You Google “Emotions and Health” and will get a lot of information available on net. See below few examples:

Problem – Cause

Abscess – hurt, insult, revenge

Acne – Not accepting or disliking of the self

Addictions – Self-rejection, fear, lack of love. Running away, not facing the fear or love of self.

Anemia – Lack of joy, no interest in life or fear of life.

Anxiety – Not trusting in the flow of life.

Arthritis – Bitterness, resentment, criticism, feeling unloved. Feeling trapped. Rigid thinking.

Cancer – Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Long-standing resentment. Denial of self.

Cholesterol – Clogging of the channels of joy. Fear of accepting joy.

Eczema – Over-sensitiveness, hurt individuality, hurt personality.

Indigestion – Fear, dread, anxiety about a recent or coming event.

Infections – Irritation, anger, annoyance about a recent situation.

Insomnia – Tension, guilt, fear, not trusting the process of life.

Joints – Stuck emotions, pessimism.

Kidney Problems – Criticism, sensitivity, disappointment, frustration, shame, fear. Chronic anger. Feeling like you didn’t do enough.

Kidney Stones – Lumps of undissolved anger.

Knee Problem – Inflexibility, fear. Ego, pride, inability to bend. Stubborn pride

We know that Venus represents “kindness, sympathy, peace, compromise and good will”. Venus is considered to be the significator of Kidneys. When there is lack of kindness, sympathy and peace in life. When all these emotions are over-ruled by anger. That is when kidneys get affected. This is what above table shows which is coming from medical professionals. If in a birth chart Venus is afflicted, we can easily interpret that the person will have loss of kindness and love due to anger on people or incidents. As a result we predict about kidney problems.

Study of planets and emotions
Emotions and their influence

The fact of emotions versus medical problems is very much relevant and our chart simply shows it in a graphical way.

Do not consider planet to be outside – think that it is inside you – in your world. In other words you can say that the Venus of your inner world. When your inner world looses it’s equilibrium you face life problems. Planet revolving on their orbit may not affect you but the planet within – means the inner emotions – your thoughts will very much affect you. The belief that you have that planets can’t affect you or you can’t change their effects by way of remedies may be correct outwardly however you will agree completely that you can control your thoughts – divert your emotions the way you want and that way you can change your life. Looking it at this way clears up the doubts.

Here astrology helps in a way to identify which planet is weak means the emotions being represented by that planet will be affected which in turn will affect the behavior and actions. Our behavior with outer world will come back in other form to us and will affect us.

Those who say that astrology is useless – this is the answer to them that by understanding our weak areas we can work towards improving them. That is how we will be benefited.

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