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Planetary Transits January 2022 – December 2022

Planetary Transits January 2022 – December 2022

(2022 ka Rashifal – Interpretations based on the Systemsʻ Approach to Vedic Astrology)

Sun transits from 16.07 Sagittarius to 16.40 Capricorn in January, from 16.40 Capricorn to 16.58 Aquarius till March 2nd, from 16.58 Aquarius till 16.51 Pisces in March, from 16.51 Pisces till 16.13 Aries in April, from 16.13 Aries till 15.09 Taurus in May, from 15.09 Taurus till 13.49 Gemini in June, from 13.49 Gemini till 12.27 Cancer in July, from 12.27 Cancer till 11.15 Leo in August, from 11.15 Leo till 10.27 Virgo in September, from 10.27 Virgo till 10.08 Libra in October, from 10.08 Libra till 10.17 Scorpio in November, and from 10.17 Scorpio till 10.46 Sagittarius in December.

Mars transits from 18.46 Scorpio till 10.22 Sagittarius in January, from 10.22 Sagittarius till 2.28 Capricorn in February, from 2.28 Capricorn till 24.59 Capricorn in March, from 24.59 Capricorn till 17.39 Aquarius in April, from 17.39 Aquarius till 10.08 Pisces in May, from 10.08 Pisces till 01.57 Aries in June, from 01.57 Aries till 22.27 Aries in July, from 22.27 Aries till 10.37 Taurus in August, from 10.37 Taurus till 24.45 Taurus in September, from 24.45 Taurus till 1.22 Gemini in October, goes retrograde and moves from 1.22 Gemini till 26.14 Taurus in November, and from 26.14 Taurus till 15.54 Taurus in December.

Mercury transits in Capricorn in January, and February, moves into Aquarius and Pisces 14.34 in March, by early May Mercury reaches Taurus 6.34 after completing its journey in Aries. Mercury goes stationary in May & June and remains in Taurus. In July it goes into Gemini and reaches Cancer 26.05 by July 30th. Then moves into Leo and further to Virgo in August. It again goes stationary and remains in Virgo in September and October. By October end it moves to Libra and then to Scorpio 20.24 till 27 November. It then moves to Sagittarius 29.34 till 27 December.

Jupiter remains in Aquarius from January till April 13th and moves into Pisces on April 14th. Till May 31st it completes its journey till 9.22 Pisces, till 13.12 Pisces in June, moves forward and then backward till 14.32 Pisces in July when goes into retrograde motion. Remains retrograde in August and moves till 13.01 Pisces, in September till 9.23 Pisces, in October till 5.51 Pisces in retrograde motion. It goes direct in November and moves till 4.38 Pisces by November end. Movin forward till December end it reaches till 6.25 Pisces.

Venus remains in Sagittarius in January, in February moves to Capricorn, remains in Capricorn in March, remains in Aquarius in April, remains in Pisces, and moves to Aries in May – reaching till 8.21 Aries till 31st May. Transits till 13.52 Taurus by June 30th, moves to Gemini and reaches till 19.59 Gemini by July 30th reaches till 26.41 Cancer by August 29th. In September it moves into Leo and then to Virgo till 3.53 by 28th September. Reaches till 11.23 Libra by 28th October, till 19.01 Scorpio by November 27th, and then to Sagittarius till 26.39 by 27th December

Saturn remains in Capricorn till April 29th and changes sign to Aquarius on April 30th. Remains in Aquarius till July 12th and moves back to Capricorn on July 13th. Saturn remains in Capricorn for the rest of the year and transits from 28.53 Capricorn on July 30th till 27.43 Capricorn by December 27th.

Rahu moves from 7.02 Taurus to 1.25 Taurus till March 2nd. Rahu and Ketu change the sign on March 18th into Aries and Libra respectively. By early April Rahu-Ketu goes stationary at 28 degrees till mid-June. They again go stationary at 19 degrees from September end till December. By year-end, they complete their journey till 17.43 Aries and Libra respectively.

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