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What is the Meaning of Every Planet in Astrology?

What is the Meaning of Every Planet in Astrology?

Astrology could be a huge, complex, and extremely specialized study, the core principles are straightforward. A birth chart could be a shot of the sky at the instant of your birth. It reveals the precise location of each planet and that constellation they occupied as you entered the globe. In some birth charts, all the planets are within the same constellation; in others, they unfold wide across the sky. In each and every horoscope the planet meaning or in other words what each planet defines – could be different.

Symbolization of each planet in Astrology

The Sun

The sun isn’t technically a planet however as a guiding light body among our system, it plays an equally potent role in the pseudoscience sphere because the planets do. The sun symbolizes our basic essence. This vibrant object represents our ego, sense of self, basic temperament, and general preferences.

The Soon

The moon is not a planet but in astrology, it functions equally as a potent natural object. During this case, it reflects our emotions, senses, instincts, intuition, and unconscious selves. It shows us our true selves and helps us in nurturing and nourishing ourselves through self-care.


Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, and internal dialogue. The rationale tends to possess a very robust influence over us. And it is the nearest planet to Earth in our solar system. The sign of Mercury in your chart will confirm how you analyses, process, and communicate. It symbolizes how we tend to order our lives through routines, daily practices, and habits.


Venus deals amorously, with relationships and self-worth. The ability of Venus relates to pleasure, our urge for partnership, our ability to mediate conflict, and our social relations. This is often why knowing a partner’s Venus sign can be the key to unlocking their likes and dislikes. The earth moves into a brand new sign each four to five weeks. Venus conjointly rules over our finances, which relates them to self-worth and the way we tend to wish to be and feel valued.


Mars indicates Passion and energy. Mars represents our physical drive that is why decisive the sign-in that your Mars falls offers some insight into a sweat regimen that will work best for your body.


Jupiter depicts luck. Because it is the biggest planet in our system, Jupiter contains multitudes, creating its overarching role and influence a small amount nebulous to nail down. Generally, it is  most closely associated with our faiths, beliefs, and philosophies, and it’s coupled with luck and fate.


Saturn reflects our perceived limitations, authority figures, commitments, responsibilities, structure, and labor. That’s conjointly why knowing your Saturn sign will facilitate illuminate your biggest challenge in life, and supply some steering on a way to best overcome it. It moves into a brand-new sign in few years.


Uranus depicts Innovation, science, and technology square measure the name of the sport once it involves Uranus, which is taken into account amongst the trendy planets. As a driver of modification and evolution, its influence lies in distinction to Saturn’s rigidity and structure, which is a component of why this Saturn-Uranus is often consecutive to each other.


This faraway planet deals with our ideals, dreams, and mystical inclinations. And once it shifts into a retrograde transit, because it did at the top of last year, it will decide to mind queries of truth versus illusion and lead you in search of complete honesty from yourself and your favorite ones.


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