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Defeat Depression

Defeat Depression

Depression and anxiety are two of the foremost common mental disorders in the world. It’s a mental disorder, however, it additionally affects your physical health. It’s natural to feel depressed or anxious regarding something, but if these feelings last for over two weeks, they’ll be a symbol of depression. Each year, over seventeen million individuals suffer from depression, which is not a positive sign for future generations. Depression and anxiety cause several changes in the body and also badly affect life quality.  On one facet we are talking about depression and anxiety medically whereas on another side, mainly, depression in pseudoscience is treated in divine-angle through psychological astrology.

Remedies to overcome depression

As per AstroSatva remedies for depression are very helpful for the depressed people out there and will gift you with a better life:

  1. First of all, if you are overly anxious or stressed out, you should begin drinking your beverages in a silver bottle.  As silver possesses proven antibacterial properties, which is one of the key reasons people use its utensils. Silver helps in preventing diseases and enables better digestion.
  2. Secondly, you can have a pure silver square either by yourself or many elderly people also keep some silverware with themselves as it symbolizes purity and keeps bacteria away. You can keep it in your locker. Respect your elders and every lady and man of the house. Ultimately, you can ensure that you earn your elder’s blessings by touching their feet, treating them with proper love and concern. If your parents are not alive or living with you, you should seek blessings from elderly women or women of your mother’s generation.
  3. You can add some turmeric or Kesar in your milk before drinking during the night.
  4. A silver chain is best to be worn around your neck. It will provide you with mental peace by providing silver vibrations, positive energy levels, and balance in moods after wearing silver, as its natural properties may counteract outside negative disturbances and strengthen your immunity.
  5. You can also keep a silver piece in your pocket so that your body also gets an optimized vibe of health, calmness and you can commence a better life further.
  6. Meditation helps in balancing all the indriyas in us that help us in balancing our body and calming our mind, getting our mind into the divinity of peace and patience.

According to the Astrologer Aman Deep Saini, the planet Mercury is responsible for a person’s assurance spectrum, communication skills. So, the same needs to be strengthened to increase one’s confidence level.

To feel strong and energetic you can also chant mantras. Get up early, bath and pray to the Sun with Surya Namaskar as yoga can help you in boosting your body’s energy by emitting negative energy. As we all know OM is the most powerful syllable you can chant to regain your conscience and divert it to the positive aspect of divinity.

Aromas from essential oils, flowers can improve mood and health. As with many scents available in the market, you can possess a healthy mind with calmness. Music is a universal language as it can calm you and soothe you in your difficult times and can act like a friend that is always there with you in times of need.

The whole conclusion is that don’t always remain a sufferer. Get out of your anxiety and depression through divine and natural ways for long-lasting results by Astrosatva. Consult us and never lose hope & confidence, never let negative energy touch you.

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