Learn vedic astrology through astrology course online. Online astrology course helps to learn jyotish course through professional astrology course and one can learn indian astrology course quickly and can become an expert through jyotish shastra course. 

Click here for Free Astrology Course Online

Click here for Free Astrology Course Online

Learn astrology with the help of a nearly free astrology course online

🍀 Want to learn it themselves rather than asking others, with the help of free astrology course online? Knowing about self and upcoming time about anyone has always fascinated humans. For the same reason people start exploring and are on a look-out of learned people who can guide them and help in finding more about themselves. However, for some people the journey does not end there. Rather, their quest to know about themselves increases. That is when they feel more drawn towards the subject of astrology.

As on today, internet and online resources have come as a rescue for everyone where plenty of online resources are available for free astrology learning. Information is available in tits and bits on multiple blogs, articles, YouTube videos, etc. for anyone to start learning online – in the form of absolutely free astrology course online and videos.

Though YouTube videos help to some extent whereas these videos generally talk on a specific topic. As long as one knows what they are looking for – it is okay to watch those selective videos. However while trying to learn through such videos, the structure for learning is missing most of the time. A dedicated course addresses these challenges and serves the learner with proper structure and step-by-step approach. A structural approach always helps learners as they get to know which topic to look at first, and where to focus more. offers everyone a platform where we offer absolutely free, free, and professional astrology certificate courses online.

In addition to free courses, at AstroSatva Courses we also offer Free Live Classes to get you started on your astrology journey. Register now if you are interested and you will be on this fantastic astrology learning journey with us. These classes will help you in understanding the subject closely and get you kick started. Once that is done, then you can further move on to learn in depth based on your interest, and requirement.

These free live classes are organised time to time in evening (Indian Standard Time) for about an hour and help interested students to understand astrology, astrological terminologies, help in de-mystifying myths, and build an interest to learn further. Students can evaluate themselves as to how deep they are linked with astrology knowingly, unknowingly, or at sub-conscious level. Those who are interested to build a career in astrology, these free classes are a good starting point. Register now.

your single source for nearly free astrology courses online

The best way to learn astrology on date is to learn online.

Who will teach me nearly free astrology course online

AstroSatvaCourses offers multiple online astrology courses to meet learners’ requirements. Free courses are available giving introduction on significations of Signs, Houses, and Planets. These courses are available in English in Indian as well as in American ascent. These basic courses give detailed understanding about various significations of twelve Signs, twelve Houses, and nine planets.

It is known that each Sign rules different areas of our life. Same is true for Houses and Planets. These significations can manifest in a variety of ways in our life. How and when any signification will fructify is altogether a different matter to learn whereas what signification will trigger in case a specific Sign or House. Or Planet is giving its impact in someone’s life – is covered in these basic courses. And frankly speaking, this is the starting point for anyone who wants to move ahead on this journey of learning astrology.

What will I get to learn in nearly free astrology course Online

Our basic courses will talk about the impact of Signs, Houses, and Planets with respect to behaviour of person, profession, family life, wealth, income, inheritance, losses, debts, legal issues (if any), property matters, health, diseases, and many more areas of life. All houses, planets, and signs represent various life-areas which is covered in detail in these basic courses.

Basic online astrology courses by will talk about the impact of Moon if it is in strength in someone’s life. Whether the person will be emotional or will have the strength to manage emotional challenges in life will be governed by Moon. Similarly, the strength of fifth house also governs emotions, affairs, romance in person’s life.

Which version/ aspect/ branch of astrology do you teach in free astrology course online

Courses from are primarily based on Parashari Astrology and teach Vedic System of Astrology. This is the most authentic system available as of now and gives precise results. The system being taught by astrologer Aman Deep Saini follows Systems Approach and is based on its rules and principles. No combination of planets is to be remembered.

You could be starting with our Free Astrology basic Course Online in minutes from now

The students are taught the principles and their application on various horoscopes which helps in learning the subject quickly and easily. In other words you can say that astrology courses by are completely practical in nature. The basic idea behind developing these courses is to empower the students with required astrological knowledge so that they can analyse the horoscopes in shortest possible time.

Over a period of time, multiple systems in astrology have evolved. Parashari astrology, being ancient is still considered the most authentic one. History tells about different systems being used by various civilisations. Chinese astrology, Babylonian astrology, Magi Astrology, Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP) Astrology, Tibetan Astrology, Christian Astrology, Western Astrology are some of the systems available today that one can learn from.

The area is so vast that your entire lifetime will be less to learn all these systems. Whatever system one may choose to start with, the basic intent behind is to know about self which can help the individual in moving forward and to achieve your life goals.

Where all the students have enrolled from in  just free astrology course online

The courses from AstroSatvaCourses have students across 82+ Countries. All the students who have enrolled in these courses have always praised these courses and are quite satisfied with the course material, course structure, and explanations. More than 1500+ students speak high about these courses which in itself is a big achievement for AstroSatvaCourses in providing nearly free online astrology courses. Language plays a vital role in imparting knowledge to international students.

For the same reason, the astrology courses from AstroSatvaCourses are primarily in English to cater the international students. Despite this fact, majority of the Indian population still wants to learn Astrology in their mother tongue Hindi. Hence, AstroSatvaCourses is committed to provide astrology courses in Hindi too. Based on the students feedback and demand, the courses are now available in Hindi to spread the knowledge of astrology to a larger audience.

Indian (Vedic) Astrology-Fundamental Astrology Course for All in Hindi

How much time does it take on an average to complete more or less free astrology course online

The nearly free online courses by AstroSatvaCourses are of ninety minutes duration. The video lectures are crisp, and made short to maintain learners’ interest in the subject. Interactive quiz section further makes the course interactive and interesting. Generally, students are able to complete these courses in few hours’ time and can also watch the lectures multiple times to have more clarity. Once done with these introductory courses, the dedicated learners join Fundamental and Advanced courses by to get clear understanding and grasp on the subject.

Why should I join practically free astrology course online

People do think about heir growth and want to really do something about it. But everything remains a plan unless one acts on it. Hence, there must be a start from somewhere. These basic courses are a good starting point to get accustomed to astrological significations and terminologies. Unless you start your journey, you will never reach the destination. Often people make long term and big plans. They think of starting from basics till advance courses and like to become a successful astrologer one day.

But the fact is that every large project starts by taking small steps. Plans should be made, but to execute. There is no fun of making huge plans and making unrealistic commitments. Any plan or commitment remains unrealistic unless one takes that first step. And same goes with learning astrology too. No one can be an expert in any subject by simply buying the book or just by thinking or chanting about it. If you want to learn to enhance knowledge, to satiate your thirst, to get clarity – then you must start from somewhere. And starting from basics can bring in required success.


Will I be able to complete the almost free astrology online course

With dedication and interest, you will surely be able to complete these online free astrology courses. Nothing is impossible for a dedicated learner. Moreover, Live Doubt clearing sessions are conducted to clarify students’ doubts and answer queries. The overall methodology that AstroSatvaCourses follows is really helpful to students.

Our online video lectures help our students to go through the basic concepts in detail at their own comfortable schedule. Lifetime access provided on course content helps in watching the lectures multiple times. For any of the students’ doubts or queries, dedicated live sessions are conducted. Such a simple structured system has been helping students in learning astrology at a fast pace with confidence.

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Is it possible to completely learn astrology with as good as free astrology course online?

Ways of learning and teaching patterns have changed with time.

Couple of years back no one thought about Covid era when starting from kinder garden till higher class students would attend schools online. But during Covid time student across the world were attending their regular school classes online. Most of the company executives are working from home and attending online meetings. Physical classroom, or online platform – these are simply different ways of imparting knowledge.

Students who really want to learn and are sincere – nothing stops them in learning through any platform. Free online courses on Indian Astrology from AstroSatvaCourses are not simply recorded lectures. Students get opportunity to ask questions as and when they encounter any challenge and they do get a chance to join LIVE classroom sessions to clarify their doubts. And most interesting part is that these LIVE sessions are completely free. So Yes! it is very much possible to learn a subject like astrology – online.

Learn online astrology course nearly free

Often it happens that people have interest in astrology out of curiosity. The journey starts from either an article, a book, a short video, or informal discussion among friends. Those who have deeper interest, they think of learning astrology. Similar to any other subject, astrology also has theory, principles, concepts etc to learn and needs devotion. Sometimes it happens that one starts his journey and leaves it in-between when faces a little roadblock in terms of understanding a principle or core theoretical concepts.

To overcome such a situation, it is advisable for new students to first test the waters by learning through free courses. These courses help one in getting the general overview of the subject, and test themselves in terms of their grasp on various topics.

Once student starts understanding various points that are explained in easy to understand language that builds the confidence which is the key in learning. After going through the basics, students should enroll in astrosatvacourses practically free astrology course online to learn more in the field of astrology and can quickly become an astrologer.

Thanks and all the best!

Aman Deep Saini