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Detailed astrology consultation from best astrologer online. Get answers to your multiple queries during online astrology consultation session. You can ask for a multiple aspects of life e.g. about health, profession, relations etc. under Detailed Consultation on email, telephone, or video call. Detailed answers to your specific queries will be given. Telephone and Video calls generally last 45 minutes.

You get detailed answer to your queries. Remedies suggestion is also included in the service.  Please note that this service is to get answer for specific queries in detail with remedies suggestion. If you want the astrology report for several life areas, please order “Life Analysis Report”.

Everyone wants to lead a happy life and everyone face several issues at various phases of life. Such life problems come up for a specific reason. It’s on us how do we handle such situations. We may always crib about life challenges, or we may learn from such issues. Astrology guides us beforehand and helps us understand which path to move forward.

Astrological remedies work as a protective shield. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” – the same applies here. If every human being continue to perform astral remedies and always remain on right life path, they will seldom have any challenges to sail through in life. Then in any kind of situation, they will have strength to manage troubles as well as willingness to enjoy happy moments.

What we need from you:

We would need your date, time, and place of birth to analyze your horoscope to answer your query. The correct birth details are a pre-requisite for accurate predictions and suggesting your the solutions. If you do not have your birth details, we can work out a Prasna Kundli (Horary Horoscope) for you and answer your query.

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