Inter-Relationship of Planets in Human Life (Advanced Course)

Learn Advanced Concepts of Vedic Astrology, Detailed understanding of astrological principles, Muhurat Selection (Electing Auspicious Time), Marriage Match Making Techniques and Sharpen your Predictive Skills.

This course offers everything that is required to have an advanced understanding  in Vedic Astrology.

This course includes:

✔ On-Demand 112 Video Lectures

✔ 20 Hours of Video Content

✔ 28 Chapters Covering Vedic Astrology Concepts

✔ 86 Real Life Case Studies

✔ Lifetime Access

✔ Progress check after every lecture through exhaustive Quiz

✔ FREE LIVE Doubt Clearing Sessions on Zoom

✔ Certificate of Completion (given after completion of the course)

✔ Certificate of Excellence (given after completion of optional assignment)

This is an advanced course on Indian Astrology and is based on Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology propounded by Prof. V. K. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India. The beginners course “A Fundamental Course on Indian Vedic Astrology” is a pre-requisite for this course. This course has covered majority of the concepts with detailed explanation however, it is advisable that students first have basic understanding of Systems Approach Concepts through Fundamentals course before going a level deeper through advanced course.

More about Systems Approach can be found at the official website of Prof. V. K. Choudhry and Sh. K. Rajesh Chaudhary

What students will learn in this course:

  1. Students will learn Advanced Techniques of Indian Vedic Astrology with step by step Systems Approach rules to follow. This will enhance their predictive accuracy.
  2. Students will learn about technical terminologies of Vedic Astrology and will be able to analyze any horoscope.
  3. Students will learn about astral remedies that help as preventive measures.
  4. Students will learn how to manually calculate strength of Planets and Houses without using any software.
  5. Students will learn Order of Significations to analyze various life areas.
  6. Students will have in-depth understanding of reasons of different results of planets placed in different houses.
  7. Students will have in-depth understanding of reasons of different lords of houses placed in different houses.
  8. Students will have in-depth understanding of impact of Rahu-Ketu in human life.
  9. After understanding detailed theory part – students will go through exhaustive number of practical case studies.
  10. Under case studies students will understand how to analyze, personality, wealth, family, courage, initiatives, assets, education, progeny matters, health, litigation, marital relationship, longevity, foreign travel, general fortune, profession, income, and losses.
  11. Students will learn how to identify auspicious time (Muhurat Selection)
  12. Students will learn how to match two charts for marital tie.
  13. All above mentioned life areas are being explained with the help of 86 case studies.
  14. Students also get written analysis for all the case studies.
  15. The horoscope charts are available as downloadable files in North Indian and South Indian format.
  16. 374 Downloadable PDF Content comes along with course for easy reference.

Please Note:
Once you enroll into the course, you get instant access on Astrosatva Courses Learning Management System (LMS) and can immediately start your astrology learning using eBook and Video Lectures. Enrolled courses are available under Profile – Dashboard – Courses.

You get Course Completion Certificate when you complete the course.

You get Certificate of Excellence when you pass the assignment.

Certification Details – Astro Satva online Astrology Courses for all (

  • Section 1 – Theory & Concepts
    • (IRPHL) – Introduction
      09 min
  • Section 2 – Case Studies
    • (IRPHL) Lecture 12 – Analyzing Personality – Case 4
      08 min
    • (IRPHL) Lecture 15 – Analyzing Educational Accomplishments – Case 17
      06 min
  • Section 3 - Bonus Lectures
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by Aman Deep Saini
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5 thoughts on “Inter-Relationship of Planets in Human Life (Advanced Course)”

    1. Best astrology course with so many case studies.

    2. Surinder Kumar July 29, 2021 at 10:31 am

      Excellent course material and well explained by Aman Sir. Best suited after enrolled and doing Fundamental course. Waiting for your next course on Divisional chart.

    3. काफी उपयोगी पाठ्य सामग्रियों से भरा कोर्स है जो निश्चय ही पाठकों को एक अच्छा ज्योतिषी बनाने में सक्षम है।
      कोर्स की किमत उचित है और डिस्कोउन्ट के बाद तो और सही होगया है।
      कोर्स के पाठ्य सामग्री चूँकि अंग्रेजी में है अतः हिंदी भाषाभाषी के लोगों के लिये ज्यादा उपयोगी साबित नहीं होगा।

      • Aman Deep Saini August 15, 2021 at 2:12 pm

        Students have been studying Fundamental Course also in English including you and have found easy to understand English is used in the lectures. The same is the case with this course also. You have also completed Fundamentals course in English. Moreover, doubt clearing sessions are also conducted to support the students – completely free as of now. Language is just a mental block for a dedicated learner. Issue could have been there if no ongoing support was provided, which is not the case. If we want to expand the reach of our ancient knowledge, we need to think globally and hence all other courses will be available in English only in future. For students who want to understand in Hindi, LIVE sessions is the answer and we will also conduct LIVE workshops in Hindi which can be opted by Hindi audience. Hope this clarifies. Thanks for your feedback.

        • Absolutely excellent videos with case studies make it very easy to understand the concept and apply in real life. I am happy I had enrolled for this course and would recommend for anyone desirous of entering into the world of astrology.

          Thanks and regards,
          Milind Shimpi

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    Course price
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    This course includes
    • 112 On-Demand Video Lectures
    • 374 Downloadable PDF Content
    • 86 Practical Case Studies
    • 28 Chapters covering advanced concepts
    • Lifetime Access
    • Progress check through Exhaustive Quiz
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Certificate of Excellence
    • Course Language :: English
    • Doubt Clearing Sessions on Zoom & Closed Facebook Group
    • Learn how to identify auspicious time (Muhurat Selection)
    • Learn how to match two charts for marital tie
    • Students also get written analysis for all the case studies
    • Downloadable Horoscopes in North Indian Style, South Indian Style, East Indian Style, and Western Wheel Chart Style
    • Dedicated Chapter on Astral Remedies
    Durations: 20 hour
    Lectures: 112
    Maximum Students: 5000
    Skill level: advanced
    Certificate: yes